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2015 IMCA Big Daddy Hobby Stock Price Guide

IMCA Hobby Stock $7,900.00

Complete semi-roller, 81-88 Monte Carlo body and frame included, springs, shocks, fuel cell, all brake lines ran, completely wired with front dash installed, new tires, new wheels, all new front suspension, tubular uppers, lower OEM a-frames with new bushings, AFCO ball joints, spindle OEM, new US brake roders, new bearing kit, new sector, new steering shaft with heims, new steering wheel, new seat, new belts, new gauges, new overlapping doors, new fenders, new hood, new nose piece and tailpiece, new 22 JAZ fuel cell with AFCO fuel filter, all lines run to the front, new 27" two-pass radiator with shroud, OEM trunk lid, new MD3 bumper, new aftermarket sub floor.  Car comes as a semi-roller, doors, fenders, hood, trunk lid need to be installed.

Complete rollers with full wraps