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Big Daddy Racecars had yet another monumental 2012 racing season, claiming 5 of the 9 IMCA Hobby Stock Track Championships that Nebraska has to offer. Big Daddy Racecars also claimed the famous Boone Speedway IMCA Hobby Stock Track Championship, home to the IMCA super nationals. Other IMCA Track Championships were claimed in Kansas and Iowa.

Jason Wilkinson, #52, is no stranger to the racetrack and in April, 2012 he backed his first Big Daddy Hobby Stock off the trailer and by September he had claimed 31 A-feature wins. In 2012, Wilkinson reclaimed the Boone County Raceway Track Championship, the US30 Speedway Track Championship, and newly added Riviera Raceway to his list of 2012 track titles. This kind of record puts Jason Wilkinson in the IMCA Hobby Stock National points running where he placed 3rd in the nation and in the northern region as well. Wilkinson also won the IMCA Hobby Stock Nebraska State points this season. He was also the lead man at the 2012 McCool 100, at Junction Motor Speedway, and at the Charlie Clark Memorial, at I-80 Speedway.

John Watson, #4W, our Big Daddy driver that drove his way to the top and won the famous Boone Speedway Track Championship. In the 2012 racing season at Boone Speedway, Watson held a record of 10 A-feature wins in a row, but had a total of 21 A-feature wins for his 2012 season. Watson ranked 5th in the IMCA Hobby Stock National point standings and in the IMCA Hobby Stock Northern Region. He also ended up in 3rd in the IMCA Iowa State points. In September, Watson won the Havoc on the Highbanks at Marshalltown Speedway. He also claimed the Cornhusker Classic win at I-80 Speedway, and won the Summer Shootout at KSP.

Tiffany Bittner, #95B, has raced Big Daddy Racecars for her entire racing career of 6 seasons. In 2011, Bittner won the IMCA Lady Eagles award and she maintained that top spot again in 2012; she is the only woman to have won the award twice. In 2012, she finished out her season with 7 feature wins and 17 close 2nds, for a total of 39 top 5 finishes. Bittner’s long season paid off because she placed 11th in the IMCA Hobby Stock National points and 10th in the IMCA Northern Region. Bittner also came in a close 2nd for the IMCA Nebraska State points. She placed 2nd in the point standings at Dawson County Speedway, Boone County Raceway, and then placed 3rd in points at US30 Speedway. One of Bittner’s favorite season moments was winning the Sandhills Shootout at the Lincoln County Raceway. She walked away with a $1000 dollar check and the title of being the first woman to ever win a Sandhills Shootout event.

Anthony Martin, #9A, raced a hard season in his first Big Daddy Racecar in 2012. Martin had a awesome racing season with 16 A-feature wins. He claimed 3 track titles this season in his Big Daddy. He is the 2012 IMCA Track Champion at Dawson County Speedway, McCook Speedway, and Elmwood Park Speedway. Martin raced 34 nights this season and worked his way up to 14th in the IMCA Hobby Stock National point standings and placed 13th in the IMCA Hobby Stock Northern Region point standings. Martin also placed 7th in the IMCA Hobby Stock Nebraska points. He was also the lead man at Lincoln County Raceways “Run for the Money” event.

Jeremy Auten, #20, another new member to the Big Daddy family in 2012. Auten stands out from the rest because he runs for NASCAR sanctioned race tracks rather than IMCA sanctioned race tracks. He finished his season with a total of 9 A-feature wins, but his major achievement of the year was placing 2nd in the NASCAR National point standings. Auten only missed the number one spot by 1 point. He is the track champion at Adams County Speedway in Corning, IA. In April 2012, Auten made the long haul to Junction Motor Speedway to win the Spring Thaw. He also won the Liberty 50 race at Adams County Speedway and the Alphabet Soup race at I-80 Speedway.

Colby Langenberg, #1J, another career Big Daddy driver. Langenberg had a total of 5 A-feature wins in 2012. He placed 3rd in the IMCA Nebraska State points, 16th in the IMCA Hobby Stock National points, and 14th in the IMCA Hobby Stock Northern Region point standings. He also finished 2nd in the point standings at US30 Speedway.

Jeremy Hoskinson, #26, another long time Big Daddy driver. Hoskinson had a short but sweet season with 3 A-feature wins.