Welcome To Big Daddy Race Cars

Big Daddy Racecars would like to announce how proud we are of all of our drivers in the 2014 racing season. It was gone before we knew it but it turned out very successful for many of our drivers. We had cars finish within the top 3 of the IMCA national point standings, IMCA National Rookie of the year, IMCA state champions, and many IMCA track championships. This season, we also did a lot of research and development with the stock car line which has been proven to outperform many other chassis’s on the track throughout the season.

Cory Probst, #75C, had an outstanding year in this Big Daddy Racecar. Probst placed 3rd in the IMCA Hobby Stock National point standings this season. This kind of achievement is not easy and takes a huge amount of time and effort. Probst battled through 50 races this season with 11 A-feature wins, 15 second places, and for an overall 42 top five finishes. He staked claim to the hobby stock track championships at Fairmont Raceway and Redwood Speedway, both Minnesota tracks. He nearly claimed another title at Jackson Speedway but finished in a close second. Along with that, Probst finished second in the North Star Touring Series. He is also your IMCA Hobby Stock State Champion of Minnesota.

Tiffany Bittner, #95B, had her best season yet in her Big Daddy Racecar. She raced long and hard again in the 2014 racing season to snag her 4th IMCA Lady Eagle Title. She also walked away with the Nebraska IMCA Hobby Stock state championship this year, previously held by Jason Wilkinson. Bittner is also the new track champion at US30 Speedway and is the returning track champion at Boone County Raceway. Bittner took home a W at the 2nd annual won Buffalo Bill Wild West Challenge at Lincoln County Raceway. She also competed throughout the week at the IMCA Super Nationals for a spot in the big dance, and that she did after a long hard week of qualifying. After all the points were accounted for, Bittner finished 11th in the IMCA Hobby Stock National point standings.

Colby Langenberg, #1J, celebrated this first track championship this season at Riviera Raceway in Norfolk, Nebraska. The track is now set to close its gates after a 50 year haul making Langenberg your last Hobby Stock Track Champion at Riviera Raceway. Big Daddy’s also took all top 3 places at the track. Langenberg also took home second at US30 Speedway and Boone County Speedway but picked up 6 A-feature wins along the way. He also finished 2nd in the IMCA Hobby Stock Nebraska State points and 14th in IMCA Hobby Stock National Points.

Tejay Mielke, #77, got his hands on a “classic” Big Daddy hobby stock for the 2014 season. It was almost one of the first ones built but it didn’t matter because Mielke had an outstanding season. He captured 8-A feature wins this summer at very competitive tracks. Mielke also walked away with the IMCA Hobby Stock National and Northern Region Rookie of the Year.

Kyle Prauner, #5K, driver of the Big Daddy house stock car had an amazing first season in the newly designed 2014 Big Daddy Stock Car. A lot of research and development went into the car all winter and continued throughout the season to really fine tune the machine. Prauner only had 12 starts in the stock car this season and nearly finished all in the top 5 and picked up 2 A -feature wins. One of those wins was the Robert Haase Memorial race at Riviera Raceway, making him the last stock car A-feature winner there in history.

Nathan Ballard, #29, didn’t run for points this season but that didn’t stop him from picking up 15 A- feature wins in his Big Daddy Hobby Stock. Ballard also took his chances at the IMCA Super Nationals in Boone, IA. He managed to take a spot in the big dance on the first night of qualifying. Ballard was very successful at the hobby stock dance because he came through the checkered flags in the 6th position after the tough 30 lap race.

Kyle Pheifer, #54P, took 5th in the IMCA Hobby Stock National Rookie point standings. He also took 2nd in the IMCA Northern Region Rookie and 2nd in Kansas state points. Kyle Wilkinson, #52jr, picked up his first career A-feature win this season. Jeremy Hoskinson, #26, had a short but sweet season picking up 2 A-feature wins. Brent Jochum, #4J, had a good season with many top 5 finishes and 2 A-feature wins. Gary Goudy Jr., #12G, our Canadian stock car driver received the 2014 rookie of the year award from Estevan Motor Speedway.


Congratulations to all our Big Daddy Racecar drivers in the 2014 racing season!